What are the chances of conceiving when using both condoms and pull-out method?

Patient: Hello, I have been together with my boyfriend for over a year now. He is 20, I am 18. He is a virgin and so am I. We’ve been talking a lot lately about having sex. Since it’s both his and my first time, we’re both kind of scared of pregnancy (especially with all these tv shows nowadays). Would we be safe using a condom and pulling out? I’m not on birth control and don’t think it’s something I would like to get into just yet.

Doctor: Withdrawal method (pull-out) when used alone is only ~75% effective against pregnancy while condoms, even if intact, onl y about 98% effective against pregnancy. Using both would make the likelihood of pregnancy less but the chances are NOT ZERO. Chances of conceiving could be very slim, perhaps 0.05% chance, but conception is still possible. Please use contraceptive methods properly and take care always.