What are the chances of getting pregnant?

Patient: I have doubt regarding my missed periods……i had sex with my boyfriend this 13 of april and we used precaution…..and there was no hole on the condom and it was properly applied….and i had my periods on last 10th of march and on the same month i again had my periods on around 25th of march………Now the problem is Im not having periods and I mean i usually have irregular ones but from last two to three days im having burning sensation in my vagina during urination and having stomach ache…i mn lower abdomen……nd there was a little flow of blood but it was only for that time….So do there is any chances of pregnancy?SO I’LL BE VERY THANKFUL TO YOU DOCTOR IF YOU WILL HELP IN CLEARIN MY DOUBTS

Symptoms: pain on lower abdomen and burnin sensation in vagina during urination

Doctor: With your previous history of irregular periods and the fact that a condom had been used properly it is highly unlikely that you are pregnant. In any case since your last periods were on the 25th of March you will have to wait till another week or 10 days for your periods and retest only after that in case you still have not started your cycle.Coming to your problem of burning sensation and associated pain in the abdomen you seem to developed cystitis ( infection of the bladder wall) occurs in case sexual activity is recently started. You are advised to get your urine tested for infection…ie get a routine and microscopic exam and also get a urine culture and sensitivity test done. Please consult a doctor who will prescribe you medicines to relieve the pain in the abdomen and the burning and depending on your results also prescribe an antibiotic. In the meanwhile drink plenty of fluids.