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What are the Chances of Pregnancy

Patient: Hello doctor, I’ve got a question, a few days ago my girlfriend and I were messing around, we’ve been sticking to “dry humping” as an alternative to sex because we’re both abstinent. Situation is this, while we were dry humping I ejaculated and it seeped through my pants and left a stain on hers, she was wearing pants and underwear and the stains were situated around her crotch area. I was wondering if there is any real chance that she will get pregnant. She is also a virgin.




Doctor: Hello, I understand your concern about possible pregnancy. Let me reassure that the possibilities of getting pregnant by the way you described the event are very minimal.If there was no true ejaculation inside her vagina, the possibilities decrease to a great extent; however there are many factors that need to be considered also. The fact that you were both wearing clothes and if she was ovulating at the time.During the middle of the women’s menstrual cycle, the possibilities of pregnancy increases, her cervical mucus is more expandable and favors the transport of sperm, sometimes ejaculating outside the vagina could be enough for the sperms to find a way inside favored by the temperature and cervical mucus.  I don’t think that you should worry about a possible pregnancy in your case. In the future if you would like to and you are ready, you and your partner could ask a healthcare provider for information about contraceptive methods. He or she would kindly explain them to both of you. I wish you the best.


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