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What are the chances that I am pregnant?

Patient: Is it possible I am pregnant?



Symptoms: had sex once between 17-19 days past start of last period. That was 11 days ago. Had light pink spot in discharge 2 days later. Headaches and white discharge every days since then. Also breaking out which never happens until after my period. I am 37, have never been pregnant and have endometriosis with super painful cramps for 2 weeks before period but I am supposed to start in 2-3 days and no cramps yet…



Doctor: Unprotected sex in day 17-19 is usually unlikely to be pregnant, as it might fall in safe period to have sex as contrace ptive practice. Moreover conditions like endometriosis, further decreases the chances of pregnancy. But to be sure get a pregnancy test done and followup with a gynecologist.

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Guest: But iv done three tests and had my periods am freaking out i need to.know the chances its unlikely?

Guest: mother ofthree miscarried overlike 8 monthsago. past 3monthsmynormalperiod has been coming on 3 days earlier eachand earlier the 17 of dec the 13 ofJanuary andnowthe 9th ofthismonth. i haveevery pregnant symptom possible even lil flyers andswelling rightundermybelly button goingdown toward myvagina size of a fist. andslightfeelings there

Guest: myperiod hadbeen lightincolor along w mucus discharge. ive taken testanddoctor saidthere is nothing wrong withme. could mmy hcg levelsb to low to detect. having every symptompossible what’sgoing on with me. Ann i pregnant

Guest: My last period was 14th january, on wednesday last week the day before i was due i had very light pinky spotting followed by no period. i have since done 5 at home pregnancy tests all faintly positive. i have read online that tgere are such things as phantom pregnancies so im really worried. i would inly be around 5 weeks pregnant so the doctors told me to just book in with a midwife in a few weeks but i need to know now if i am pregnant.


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