What are the chances that I could be pregnant?

Patient: Hello,My LMP was on October 3rd. My previous menstrual cycle was 35 days long. I have been trying to cope with a lot of stress and anxiety for the past two months. I had protected intercourse on October 10th, 20th, 25th, and the 31st. I suspected that I ovulated around the 20th, as I had high libido and watery/EWCM discharge on that day.On the 26th, I had unprotected intercourse using the withdrawal method. On this day, my cervical mucus was white, thick and sticky. I figured that I was out of my fertile window.On CD30, I started getting abdominal cramps and back pain, as well as feeling very bloated. They got progressively worse each day.I started bleeding on cycle day 34, but the bleeding was a lighter than usual. My menses usually lasts 5-7 days, but this one only lasted for 3-4 days. The first night of bleeding I filled a super tampon, but after that it was lighter. The bleeding was bright red and had just a few clots, though I usually pass more. My cramps have somewhat subsided since and the backpain is gone. I still feel bloated.On the 3rd day of bleeding, I took a First Response Early Result pregnancy test and got a negative result. The day I took this test is 12 days after I had intercourse using the withdrawal method; or 18 days after my suspected ovulation. I do plan on testing again in a week.Is it normal for menstrual cycles to be lighter in flow on some months? Is it possible for stress and anxiety to do this?Thank you for reading.

Symptoms: Bloating, Cramping, back pain,
NO breast sensitivity/pain, very little nausea, no frequent urination

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for contacting askthedoctor.com for an opinion.Firstly , i appreciate the details you mentioned with complete clarity . Considering that you had unprotected intercourse in the fag end of your fertile period , the chances of pregnancy would have still existed but once your menses have resumed and you had adequate menstrual bleed for about 3 days which is sufficient , then it can be safely deduced that you are not pregnant. Also the pregnancy test which have turned out to be negative rules it out confirmatively.You are right when you mention that stress and anxiety can pay a major part in causing hormonal imbalances and are usually the most common reasons for delayed or irregular menses. They may cause lighter periods during some cycles or delayed heavy menses in other. However it is advisable to maintain a menstrual calendar for at least 3 months to understand the pattern of your menses , and incase you find that the pattern is regularly irregular then you may consider visiting your physician for evaluation and detailed examination.Also , i don’t see nay requirement of repeating the urine pregnancy test again now.I hope i have answered your queries in detail.Wishing you best of health,Regards