What are the risks of giving my partner oral sex

Patient: What are the risks of giving my partner oral sex (a blow job) if I have bacterial tonsilitis? I have just started a very strong antibiotic today (Wednesday afternoon) and we weren’t planning it until Friday night. Will this have been long enough to prevent anything being contagious and what would be the implications for him if the bacteria were to transmit to his penis? I don’t want him to get some kind of bacterial infection down there, I’d feel really bad. It is better to wait until I’m fully clear, or would it still be safe? I’m just not sure what the risks would be, and I certainly wouldn’t want to risk him getting any serious infections that could lead to some kind of STD.Could you please explain the medical risks involved? I want to make sure we’re safe and I don’t put his sexual health at risk. Thank you!

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.Although tonsillitis is not a contributory cause for a STD, it can lead to transmission of organisms like streptococcus, staphylococcus and anaerobic organisms when the oral cavity comes in contact with the penile mucosa. Even though you are on antibiotics the bacteria would still be vigilant enough to cause an infection.However, you can consider using a condom and having an oral sex with protection. This will prevent any transmission of infection oro-genitally. It is advisable that you avoid kissing and unprotected sex until complete cure.Hope this helped.Regards