What are the tiny red dots (blister like) on head of penis?

Patient: I am a 32 year old male and recently had unprotected sex with my girlfriend 2 days ago and have noticed some tiny little red dots have appeared on the head of my penis (I am uncircumcised). When they first appeared, they were like tiny tiny blisters. We have both recently been checked for STIs (just for peace of mind as neither of us were showing an symptoms, and are faithful partners), so I was wondering whether you knew what this rash-like symptom might be?

Symptoms: Tiny red dots (blister like) on the head of the penis

Doctor: Thank you for your question. If you your STD testing results have been reported as negative then it is possible that you may be experiencing a bacterial infection of the glans penis called balanitis. In order to treat this, you will need to be examined by your doctor and you will likely be prescribed a topical antibiotic cream to treat this infection. Please see your doctor to be promptly treated.Thank you for consulting AskTheDoctor.com