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What are these bumps on my nipple tip?

Patient: Are these skin tags on my nipples? Montgomery tubercles? I am 15 weeks along.



Symptoms: I am 15 weeks pregnant and somewhere in the past month or so I noticed a couple small raised bumps on my nipple (Not the areola but the actual tip). They seem to have grown a bit and look similar to a skin tag. They are a shade or two lighter than the nipple. Almost like tiny cysts or white heads. They appear to be a part of my nipple that for some reason grew larger and lighter in color. They are not painful to the touch. What could this be? My next OB appt. isn’t for 3-4 weeks…



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Doctor: What you have described do seem like Montgomery tubercles of pregnancy. These are basically the sweat secreting glands o n the nipple and surrounding areola region of the breast that become prominent during pregnancy.In pregnancy, the hormones of pregnancy increase the sebum secretion from the sebaceous and sweat glands on the nipple. This is basically a lubrication mechanism for the nipple in preparation of the baby.It is nothing to worry about. It may however give you some feeling of heaviness in the breast and restrict your attire choices. I would recommend that you discuss these changes in your breast and your body with your obstetrician in your next visit so that you are mentally prepared for what to expect next.Thankyou for choosing

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Patient: So the Montgomery Tubercles can be found on the nipple itself and not just the areola?

Doctor: Montgomery tubercles are the prominent non pigmented nodules that are seen during pregnancy in the areolar region. They can be found both on the nipple as well as the areolar region. They are basically areolar glands whose function is to lubricate the nipple and keep it protected during pregnancy and lactation.


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