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What are these bumps on my penis? http://iimgurcom/xjhjJ8djp

Patient: What are these bumps on my penis?



Symptoms: No symptoms



Doctor: Hi.Thank you for your query at AskTheDoctor.comI understand your concern and by image.The bumps on the penis are m ore suggestive of genital herpes.These are bumps of different sizes containing clear fluid.I hope this answers your query.Regards.

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Patient: If I have never had sex or oral sex, is it still possible to get genital herpes?

Doctor: Yes, it is still possible by intimate contacts. In some cases there may not be active lesions in another person but they shed the viruses and you may then contract it.
It is not for surely known but it is possible to get by sharing the bed linen, towels and such things.
You can get a confirmed diagnosis by:
Sending the sample of fluid from the lesion if you are getting this for the first time.
Second opinion of a Dermatologist by visual impression, tests and seek for proper treatment.

Patient: I got a blood test the other day from the doctor. I have not yet received my results, but I will tomorrow.
These bumps have no fluid coming from them, and they have remained the same for sometime (I believe I have had them for over a year). Without these symptoms, what are my chances that it actually is genital herpes?

Doctor: Herpes rash may not last so long.
I would request you to give full history in one go, as you can ask only for

Doctor: One more follow up question. Give all the details in the next question.
If this is persisting for a year, it needs to biopsied. Consult a dermalogist for second opinion.


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