What are these wavelike rings of energy leaving my body through my legs during depression?

Patient: I feel energy leaving my body in circle-like waves, starting at mid-calf and continuing downwards through my feet. This has happened each of the four times (this is the fourth) that I’ve been in this depression/crisis. Each time I feel like my intelligence has dropped during and after the crisis.I’m seeing a shrink but he hasn’t said anything in response to my affirmation that I feel this.The wavelike loss of energy is quite disturbing, it’s like a indicator I’m going towards death, slowly declining, and the only thing I can do when it happens, to distract myself, is to move my legs/bounce my legs up and down, to not feel it and not think about it.Is this normal and what is causing it?

Symptoms: Depression, wavelike rings of energy felt travelling downwards from mid-calf to toe, one after another, repeatedly.