What are your views on Vigrx plus? I am a

Patient: What are your views on Vigrx plus? I am a college athlete and subject to drug testing. I am trying to fix my sexual problems and am wondering if this will do the trick without resulting in a positive drug test.

Doctor: Hi.Read and understood your concerns.First of all it is difficult to explain what sort of sexual problems can you have since you are an athlete and supposed to have a great body and mind.Read about Vigrx, the contents are all herbal, known plants. The biggest problem with herbal products is in spite they may be effective, they are not all very well researched. Hence whether you will pass the doping test after taking such medicines is not possible to know.So there are two options:Get a consultation with an Urologist or sexologist first to see what exactly are your problems and to see what can be done.Take the medicines and give the tests, if tested positive, stop them and decided what is more important to you.You can certainly write to the company and ask about hte possibility.