What can i do about anal itching?

Patient: Hello i was wondering what can cause anal itching? And what can i do about it? It’s been going on for a few months now. Its pretty much all the time and some times are worse than others. I am now 7 weeks pregnant. I thought it might be pinworms and was going to just take an otc medication but i am not sure its safe while pregnant or if thats even what it is… i am a healthy 33 yo female.

Symptoms: Constant itching

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for contacting askthedoctor.comAnal itching is a common sign of helminthiasis as you rightly pointed out could be pin worms. But there could be a fungal infection or rashes which would demand a separate treatment. So it is advisable that you may get examined yourself by a physician first for a correct diagnosis and if he feels then he may order a stool test to rule out helminthiasis or may take a swab cultyure from site to rule out fungal or bacterial infection.Otc medications for pinworms should not be considered as all medications are not safe in pregnancy and moreover you are in the early weeks of first trimester where it is the organ forming weeks of the fetus and no form of medication should be used unless direly required. There are various conservative ways of managing your problem till 12 weeks when the fetal organs are developed and chances of anomalies are reduced. You may be guided further by your physician regarding the same depending on the lesion seen at examination.I hope i have answered all your queries,wishing you a safe pregnancy,regards