What can I do to Get rid of Acne?

Patient: I have and still have pimples since i was 15years and no product seem to work and iam 21 now,what treatment can i use?

Doctor: Acne is a common skin disorder seen in adolescents and occurs when the skin pores get blocked and there is accumulation of sebum. Acne typically is seen during puberty and is triggered by increased androgen levels, hormonal changes, stress, oil based cosmetics and hair oils, and certain medication like birth control pills and steroids.The treatment of acne depends on the severity of acne. Topical antibiotics, topical retinoids and benzoyl peroxide are usually used in mild cases. More progressive acne will require both oral and topical antibiotics. Severe cases may respond with oral isotretinoin (not prescribed during pregnancy or if planning pregnancy).You may consult your dermatologist to see which treatment suits the best.

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Guest: You can see a doctor, eat healthy and make sure you drink lots o water, wash your face maybe get a prescription face wash/cream from a doctor, cut down on sugar, and always smile)