August 15, 2018

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What Can I do to Quickly Lower Blood Pressure?

Patient: Hi, I’m wayne im 23 years old and just need to know what I can do to quickly lower my blood pressure, sometimes it feels like im about to have a stroke and i have a history of high blood pressure, im currently taking prexum as medication as well as adco for cholestrol.



Doctor: You need to continue your medication along with a few tips below to get your blood pressure to normal and maintain it as much as possible.Have a strict healthy eating schedule, which includes fresh fruits and vegetables. Monitor the amount of salt that you have with food and also reduce the consumption of fats.Dark chocolate can help you reduce blood pressure quickly as it contains an anti-oxidant known as flavonoid, which has a good impact on the blood vessels. However, don’t consume it in excess as it can lead to weight gain.Include foods like raisins, sardines, figs, apricots etc that are rich in potassium in your diet on a regular basis.Practicing yoga is another effective way in which you can lower the blood pressure. Go in for light exercises, a simple walk for 30 minutes on a regular basis would keep your body healthy.Drinking water around 8-10 glasses everyday can keep your body free of toxins and wash away the salts.If you are a smoker or a drinker, then it is advised that you quit these habits.



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