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What Causes a Hypodense Lesion on the Liver?

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Hello I am a 34 yr old female. I have had slight pain on the right side of my belly button about two inches away from it. I had a CT scan done and the doc reported a 1.3X0.4cm hypodense lesion in segment 7 of my liver. Should this cause pain? Is it of concern? How long do I wait to see if it will go away before seeing the doc again? Thanks


A hypodense lesion does not enhance on injection of intravenous contrast and may represent a benign lesion, haemangioma, simple hepatic cyst, abscess, lipoma, or a malignant lesion. To reach a diagnosis in your case, it is necessary to discuss the findings of this scan with your physician, and in the context of clinical symptoms, physical examination and liver function tests.

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