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What causes nausea, loss of appetite and fatigue?

Patient: My daughter is 14, had mono 2 years ago. For 2 weeks she has been feeling nauseated with a loss of appetite, lightheaded when standing and fatigue. Every time she sits up or stands she feels nauseated and lies down. Fruit juices seem to help, dairy makes her much worse. Blood tests revealed no swelling in her liver or spleen but did show elevated levels of phosphorus and very high levels of alkaline phosphatase. 2 weeks prior to getting sick, she fainted on a bus, it was hot and we were standing. Not sure if this is related. I sent her to school today but I’m not sure she will make it through the day. We are American’s living in Greece and the doctor here did a blood test, told us it was a virus and sent us home. I’m really scared that it might be something much worse but don’t even know what tests to ask for. Blood pressure was normal but they only took it while she was sitting up. She has no other symptoms, no fever.



Symptoms: Nausea
lack of appetite
one glass of milk and she was feeling very sick for hours
symptoms have lasted for 15 days now with no relief
she is eating a little now but only fresh fruit, veggies, nuts and lean chicken



Doctor: Thanks for consulting ATD. Dizziness could be due to postural hypotension, that is significant drop in blood pressure on change of posture. Dehydration can cause this. Since the investigations did not reveal anything, it could be viral infection as said by your doctor. Give her plenty of fluids till she recover.


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