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What causes Vaginal bleeding during intercourse (no pain)?

Patient: I had sex with my bf yesterday, I had unexpected bleeding but no pain , I thought its my period as I been PMSing for the past few days but it stopped shortly after that, I tested for pregnancy the test result came negative (my period is due in 3-5 days) its the first time this happens.. I been having sore throat every now and then but it disappears with allergy medication.. my boyfriend did not have symptoms of anything. what could have caused the bleeding?



Symptoms: Bleeding during sex that stopped shortly after that (no pain), PMSing, sore throat that mostly goes away with allergy medication



Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query to ATD FOR AN OPINION,If you have experience post-coital bleeding which lasted only f or some time it was not your start of menses then in a reproductive age group, the most likely cause is cervical erosions or ecotype. These lesions may bleed during intercourse due to frictional injury. Cervical erosions are likely seen in cases of HPV infection with often metaplasia. It is suggested that you should visit your physician for a per speculum exam and a PAP SMEAR + HPV CO-TESTING to rule out any abnormal smear possibly due to infection ( bacterial vaginosis), HPV infection or simply due to erosions. These can be graded according to pap smear grades and then can be treated accordingly with either follow up or medication if required or if in excess then even cryotherapy may also be instituted to cauterise/ freeze the lesions or excise a part of cervix as in LEEP procedure.You should visit your physician for an early exam and take an informed decision,I hope I have answered your query in detail,Wishing you good health,Regards

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Patient: But I have no associated pain, no pain during sex either… I’ll have to add that over a month ago I used Refresh gel and it caused some heavy white discharge during sex which I confused to yeast infection I did not want to wait till the next day and risk getting what I thought to be infection worse so I used a clove of garlic over night, I woke up around 1 am with a lot of pain and blood which was caused by the garlic clove… the cuts healed naturally and the pain went away in a day.. I refrained from sex for 2 weeks after that and when it happened no blood came down, I had sex multiple times after that and it was all normal till yesterday… could it just be some menstruation bleeding but it stopped?? I need to reaffirm that there is no pain or any other associated symptoms not with me nor with my bf..

Doctor: Hello,
An episode of post coital bleed is related to cervical erosions unless proven otherwise. It may not be accompanied with pain. however considering that your menses are close by , a menstrual start may be a possibility but that shouldn’t deter you from getting a per speculum exam done along with a pap smear.


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