What causes you to stop automaticaly breathing while awake

Patient: What causes you to stop automaticaly breathing while awake (no sleep apnea), severe vasoconstriction, arterial fibrillation, cold skin/shaking/teeth chattering(normal body temp), palpitations, muscle spams in face, and random tachy-bradycardia (bp and heart rate)?

Symptoms: Severe vasoconstriction, tachy-bradycardia (bp & heart rate), random uneven pupil dilation/spasms, arterial fibrillation, muscle weakness/loss (50+lbs in

Doctor: Hi.Read and understood your problems. The history of stopping of the breathing automatically, clattering of the teet h, fibrillation and all the changes you have suggested do not fit into any known syndrome, hence the only option in such a case is to be hospitalized for the attack to be observed by the Doctors or the staff of the hospital and get on-spot investigations like EKG, And all the relevant tests to come to a conclusion to get a probable diagnosis and proper medication for your life to become comfortable.I hope you understand this as all the symptoms you have mentioned are potentially dangerous to life.