What could be causing middle back pain and high fever-also

Patient: What could be causing middle back pain and high fever-also pain going to stomach?

Symptoms: Felt nauseous for a little bit day before symptoms started, but that passed. then middle of back hurt and chills. then broke fever and got fever all through the night and now back and stomach hurt.

Doctor: HelloThanks for the queryI understand how much pain you are in right now. The pain you are experiencing could be one of the two1. Pancreatitis that is inflammation of the pancreas2. Gall bladder stone leading gall bladder inflammationIn both these conditions pain abdomen often radiate to the middle back these patients also have symptoms you are facing like nausea, loss of appetite, fever, etc. I strongly recommend that you are seen by a physician as soon as possible. You will need IV fluids, IV pain killers and urgent ultrasound of the abdomen.For now, I suggest the following1. Tab Omeprazole should be taken once a day on an empty stomach this will help reduce the pain to a certain extent2. Have smaller meals a day. 4-5 small meals rather than 3 heavy meals3. Please avoid milk, milk products and caffeine.I hope I was of help, if you have any further clarifications please get back to meRegards