What could be causing my pain?

Patient: Hello I was on the depo shot fro 9 months and never went back tp get my last one in November and now it is in march and still no period and severe cramping and backpain and tender breasts, I have had this going on for about two weeks I have had unprotected sex but have had 3 pregnancys tests done but all neg also I had a papshmere done and checked for cysts everything looked normal but what could be causing the pain??

Symptoms: Cramping, Back pain, Tender breasts

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.Since all the investigations have been normal and you have symptoms of pain and tende r breasts, there could be a possibility that your cycles are fast approaching and the symptoms could be a part of premenstrual syndrome. The other cause could be a hormonal imbalance after the contraception, it will take time to settle down. You can take an antispasmodic for pain relief and drink plenty of water daily and await your cycles.Hope this helped.Regards