What could cause me to have lower middle abdominal pain

Patient: What could cause me to have lower middle abdominal pain and lower back pain on both sides. The pain gets worse after peeing. And what can I do about it . I also feel like I wanna throw up and I think I could have diarrhea.

Doctor: Hi.Thanks for your query.The commonest causes for having a pain in the lower abdomen and the back, getting worst o n peeing are:- Urinary tract infection with severe cystitis.- Stone in the urinary bladder.This can be easily diagnosed with the following:- Tests of urine: culture and sensitivity, routine and microscopy.-Ultrasonography of the abdomen.-Test of blood like CBC, urea and creatinine, sugar and other relevant as may be needed.-Tests of stool as you are having symptoms of feeling like diarrhea and vomiting.- Obviously a consultation with a Urologist for clinical evaluation and physical examination.-Cystourethroscopy if needed.The treatment will obviously be dependent upon the final diagnosis and can be long-term antibiotics as per the reports or Surgery if surgical cause is found.I hope this answer helps you.The causes of feeling diarrhea and vomiting can be gastroenteritis and usually is nicely taken care by the medicines given for UTI too.