What could this be? Is it the cold or something worse?

Patient: Symptoms started yesterday but I have got more today. My throat is hoarse. Hurts when I swallow food water talk cough I have a Temperature and Aches and pains When I drink fluids it makes me cough throw water up My nose is runny and my head is quite sore I have a metal taste in my mouth and nose One of my nostrils is blocked and I feel out of breath Loss of appetite very wheezy and rattly chest and throat when I cough There is only ONE side of my chest that has pains when I breathe I shake and shiver with cold even though it is warm

Doctor: Your symptoms of throat pain, cough and fever are suggestive of a viral infection. This can be best managed with plenty of fluids, plenty of rest and tylenol (paracetamol). You may also perform steam inhalation to sooth your respiratory tract and reduce congestion. If your symptoms don`t improve with these measures, I would suggest that you see your doctor.