What do I do?

Patient: I working in a nursing facility and a patient fell as I was holding the by a gait belt. There was an abrupt shift of weight as she feel into a chair. The moment it happen all the muscles in my upper back were in pain. I told my supervisor and she did nothing. I decided I probably pulled my muscles and would be in pain for a couple of days. During the course of the night the pain increased and I was not able to sleep. I decided as soon as my doctors office was open I would explian what happened and get something for pain. My doctor said that it appeared that I pulled a muscle and gave me Tramadol and Soma. That weekend I had off and thought by monday it would be over. During the weekend the medicine he gave wasn’t helping at all. The pain just got worse and worse. I found 5 vicodine from an old script and took them throughout the weekend. On Monday I reported to work and decided I better speak up. Then began the paper work for work comp and the evaluation from my works doctor. She said I had a strain in my trapezius gave me a script of vicodine and sent me on my way on light duty. I returned to work and the pain was horrific I began to have muscle spasms to the point of tears. Every movement took great effort. After two days in hell I returned to the doctor they took me off of work for 5 days giving me more pain meds. When I returned to work the muscle spasms continued and I eas taking 5 vicodine a day just to get through a shift. Finally they allowed me to stay home for two weeks during that time I babied my back only leaving the house to do physical therapy. I would stay in bed all day only getting up to do the PT excexercises. Each couple of days the pain decreased to the point that I only neede a 1 hydro to sleep at night. I was excited thinking that this nightmare was going to be over. My back and neck was still sore butno spasms. And I had a sharp pain like a knife that would come and go along the right side of my spine. I reported back to work on light duty and then it cam again the pain. Not as intense as before. The stabbing knife pain increased. My neck and upper back felt exhusted like I had no strength. I would get a burning sensation in the muscles in my neck and back that would force me to stop the task I was doing and sit down. Eventually the pain would climax into a muscle spasm to were I had to take a narcotic pain pill. Since I returned to work this pattern happens everyday. I wake up with muscle pain. Only when Im on my pain med do I have any relief. One thing I noticed is sitting drives me crazy. I feel uncomfortable and ach when I sit or try to lift. The only time my muscles seem to be relaxed is when I lay on my back with no pillow or on the floor. The doctors have not given me an MRI. I think it cost a lot but theres something wrong. help! I know if this injury happened anywhere else but at work the doc would of probably done an MRI.