What do I do about reoccurring yeast infections? For about

Patient: What do I do about reoccurring yeast infections? For about 2 years now, I’ve been getting on-and-off yeast infections (more on than off). I went off the birth control pill 2 months ago because I thought that was the root cause for all my problems: my face rash I had for over two months straight, my ovarian cysts erupting, my constant yeast infections, fatigue, and general hormonal imbalance. But it seems like my hormones are still off balance and I’m still suffering through these perpetual yeast infections, not to mention my hot flashes. And I’m only 20. What’s wrong with me?

Symptoms: Vaginal burning, itching, and swelling. Hot flashes. Trouble sleeping. Fogged memory. Bone pain/body sensitivity. Joint pain. Easy bruising. Stomach pain/bad digestion.

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Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.It looks like you have an underlying hormonal imbalance. You seem to have symptoms of a pre menopause. Also diabetes must be ruled out which can lead to repeated fungal infections.Maintain personal hygiene.Use cotton undergarments instead of nylon ones and avoid unprotected intercourse. You can wash your privates with vaginal wash containing lactic acid.Hope this helped.Regards