What does Bladder outflow obstruction mean?

Patient: Hi,My pregnancy is 13 weeks long. I just went for an USG Obstetric (NT scan) and it shows ‘Placenta developing on the anterior aspect’. The report also states “Fetal urinary bladder is overdistended measuring 15×13 mm at present scan. Fullness of pelvis is seen in both kidneys, with maximum AP diameter of 3.8 mm at present scan. These findings suggest bladder outflow obstruction.”What does this mean? Should I be worried? How can I overcome this? Would this affect me or my baby?Thanks.

Doctor: Hello,The bladder outlet obstruction indicates that even though the fetal kidneys are producing urine but there is no way it is coming out as the outlet is blocked naturally causing the bladder to distend and thereby causing back pressure changes to fetal kidneys and if this persist the kidneys may fail and there are chances of fetal demise. Unfortunately this cannot be treated by medicines and only way would in-utero surgical intervention that is surgery of the fetus when it is inside the uterus to open the blockage but it is too risky at this period of gestation. You may consult your physician for a detailed discussion and seek an opinion from pediatric surgeon to understand the possibilities and take an informed decision.I hope i have answered your query in detail,wishing you safe pregnancy,regards