What does Scoliosis Surgery involve?

Patient: Describe Scoliosis Surgery to me: Can I bend over and pick something up from the ground? Can I continue normal activities afterwards? I read several places that the surgery usually fails. Is this true? What are some other considerations I would look into?

Doctor: Scoliosis surgery is aimed at correcting the curvature of the spine. It most often involves fusion of the bones of the s pine via the use of a rod. this prevents any further curvature from taking place. Unfortunately it also limits the movement of the spine and thus limits your level of activity. You will be able to perform your daily living activities but you will not be able to participate in vigorous activities such as sports. Modern scoliosis surgery is fairly safe and effective, although approximately 20% of persons still experience back pain after surgery. Scoliosis may be treated non-surgically but this has to be evaluated on a individual basis. Not all persons are suitable for non-surgical treatment. Non-surgical treatment involves the use of a special medical brace that may need to be worn all day. This therapy can be quite effective but requires dedication and strict compliance.