What does this report mean?

Patient: After having a vaginal swab my report came back as below. I’m in a China and my doctor doesn’t speak English very well but she said that this was ok -no thrush. But I am still feeling sore and painful ‘down there’ during sex. Based on the report below is there anything specific I could ask to be tested for? I have already had a STI check that came back negative.Trichomonas: not foundMonilia: Not foundWBC: 1+Epithelial cells: 1+Gram positive rods: 2+Clue cells: not foundCulture: Scanty growth of normal vaginal flora isolated

Symptoms: Sore inside vagina during sex. No itching or pain most of the time, but too painful for sex. When I touch ‘down there’ it is sore and becomes inflamed quickly.