What happens if two loyal partners have unclean sex?

Patient: I just found out that my husband is disgusting. He asked for oral, no problem. But I wouldn’t that time because, I saw the sex crud from two days before. I’ve always noticed that I am the only one that get up after sex to wash, I just assumed that he washes later. This morning, I finished Metronidazole for a bacterial infection! I suspect that he’s been putting old sex crud back in me. I’m not the smartest person in the world but, I’ve gently tried telling him, without hurting his manhood that, this is not a good thing. What can happen if two loyal partners have unclean sex, repeatedly? Especially, to a 12 week pregnant woman who’s previous miscarriage at 14 weeks, was due to a high level of a rare infection called Choreoamneonitis? Someone, please tell me!