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What is a pap smear? do they hurt? what do OB/GYNs do and

Patient: What is a pap smear?do they hurt?what do OB/GYNs doand do they hurt and what do they chck


Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.A pap smear is a screening test, wherein the doctor looks for the changes in the cervix and collects a sample from the cervix. The sample of the cervical tissue is sent for a histopathological examination and it will rule out chances like infection, inflammation and even a cervical cancer. In case of an infection or inflammation, a course of antibiotics will be recommended. In case of early cancer or dysplasia, further tests like colposcopy and biopsy to confirm a premalignant lesion or an early malignancy will be done.Also, this test is recommended in all sexually active woman from 18 to 50 years.The doctor will ask you to first pass urine and empty your bladder, put in the lithotomy position. Under light, and aseptic precautions, a smear will be taken from the cervical region after introducing a speculum. It will not hurt you in any way, it might just cause discomfort and anxiety. It is a simple procedure done in an outpatient basis and does not require admission or any post-procedure medications too. It hardly takes 5 minutes to complete it.Hope this helped.Regards


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