What is amitriptyline used for My mom got it for

Patient: What is amitriptyline used for. My mom got it for me for some extreme nausea I’ve been having but I also have some depression issues and when I looked it up on google it told me it was just an antidepressant. Does it help with stomach nausea or is my mom lying to me

Doctor: Hi.Thanks for your query.Very catchy question.Apart from all the ethics of the medical practice and the daily o ccurrence of such incidences (doubting the Moms), it is very true that the position of a Mom for everyone including me and you are far above the God and all; I hope you believe in what I am saying.Well your query: Amitriptyline is definitely an anti-depressant. But other than this action it has many more indication and it has been successfully used many condition from bed-wetting children to Neuropathic pains. Nausea is one of them.You have a nausea and also depression; as seen n the practice one of the commonest reasons for nausea is depression, so have a belief and take the tablets, see the result, this will help you and thus Mom has most probably not lied to you.Have faith.