What is causing tailbone soreness and minor prostate irritat

Patient: What is causing tailbone soreness and minor prostate irritation symptoms during my recovery from ACDF surgery?

Symptoms: Mild to moderate pain/soreness at tip of tailbone has come and gone during recovery from ACDF surgery, more regular last several days (legitimately feels more like my tailbone and not my prostate). Extremely minor burning during urination. Very minor urge to need to urinate after already going. Drop of blood in ejaculate two nights ago. See med history.

Doctor: Hi,Thanks for your query and an elucidate history. Read the history carefully and understood your concerns.The t ailbone pain can be attributed to any sort of minor trauma and nothing can be attributed directly from the history you have provided as there is no history of any fall on buttocks or so.Mild prostatitis can occur due to congestion, catheterization and can cause prostatism causing you the symptoms of perineal, anal pain deep within or so. I am sure that your Urologist would have done the per-rectal digital examination for prostate and the tail bone.If not done, please consult a General Surgeon for the same so that the actual findings can be known and attributed to.Usually warm compresses or sitz bath in a tub with warm water along with an anti-inflammatory medication should help you with the tailbone problems, very rarely needing the local injection or removal of the tailbone.Your history is self-explanatory and I do agree on all the points you have best explained with. Have modulation of the activities as permitted after the major surgery of ACDF and I am sure all your problems will be cured well.I hope this answer helps you, please feel free to ask for further relevant queries if you feel that there is a gap in communication.