What is going on in my body?

Patient: I am a young 20 year old and i have gotten pregnant once and had a miscarriage. i am noticing pregnancy symptoms and im not really for sure if i am pregnant i dont have a normal period and janurary i had two but i noticed that it was light and short i would go to the bathroom and think i was off and then in the morning i would go to the bathroom and wipe and there would still be little blood this happened a couple days but not i am breaking out on my stomach have really sudden pinching cramps then they would go away this happens all day i would wake up fel sick but not throw up my hips hurt and ribs hurt have not been so good to get along with my question is could i be pregnantEDIT:about my period my first one was normal but the second one was short and lightEDIT:about my period my first one was normal but the second one was short and light

Symptoms: Pain in ribs stomach hips, all over

Doctor: Hello,If you have experienced two episodes of bleeding per vaginum in january, with the first one normal and the seco nd episode in the midcycle in form of light and short bleeding accompanied with mild lower abdominal cramps , also you have been sexually active during this cycle and not on any contraception , then there are chances that the second scanty bleed may have been an implantation bleed or a ovulation bleed.Presently it is important for you to opt for a blood serum beta hcg test to check the levels of hcg which shall confirm or rule out pregnancy definitively. If the levels of hcg are more than 1 or raised then you are pregnant for sure and the symptoms you are experiencing are early pregnancy symptoms and the bleed was an implantation bleed.But if the levels of hcg are less than 1, then pregnancy is ruled out and the bleed was possibly an ovulation bleed and the symptoms of sore breasts and backache may might as well constitute premenstrual symptoms or PMS indicating that your menses shall ensue in next few days.I hope i have answered your query in detail,wishing you good health,regards