What is my back issues?

Patient: Hello, my name is Randi and I’m a twenty year old female with back issues that I’ve been trying to take care of for a few years now. However; I have had these back issues since I before I remember. Maybe around 12-14 years of age. By back “issues” I’m referring to pretty much all over. Some days lower, someday upper back area with muscle problems. Other days I can be out grocery shopping when I’m suddenly stopped by a sharp pain running up my spine where I need to wait it out a minute or so to let the pain stop before I may carry on. This causes me to have to breathe in deeply to somewhat make it feel better? More of a recent issue is need to having to constantly crack my back and neck in a twisted motion with that scary ripple sound effect and loud pops. If I’m either sitting or standing too long or even doing strenuous work my back becomes very stiff to the point that if it isn’t cracked my every move becomes uncomfortable..My chiropractor says it’d be best if I visited him twice a week, but being in college I cannot exactly afford to go that often for only temporary relief. The only time though I am ever in pain is when I have my random back spasms (as I states above) which can happen maybe once to twice a month.My mother also has back problems much worse than mine where she needs to take serious pain medications just to get herself through work everyday. She’s 46. I’m concerned that I’ll be like her before I’m even 30!Other info that may or may not help:- I’m 5feet- My weight is about 150-160 (I lost a lot of weight within the past year and a half from roughly 180 pounds)- My breast size is a 32DD- I spend a lot of my time sitting due to many school related activities but I try to get up and outside walking around as much as possible because I love to walk!- My diet isn’t great but it isn’t horrible either. I only drink water with tea or fruit juices to spice it up a little bit. I eat my vegetables more so than my fruits and eat a lot of rice and pastas (CARBS!) and I’m have never been much on eating a lot of meats. I also eat a lot of dairy.- Also, my sleeping isn’t the greatest either. I can take up to an hour falling asleep. I can wake up constantly throughout the night. I can fall asleep by 3am-4am and be up by 8-9am and be wide awake and not sleep. Sometimes I just won’t sleep at all and pass in and our within only one hour of time and run off a max of 5h in 3 days.You asked for detail and I’ve handed it to you. I’ll be looking forward to your reply to come my way. I hope you can give me suggestions of what may be wrong if anything at all so I may consult a doctor here in town for extra assistance or not.Thank-you, Sir or Ma’am. I hope you have yourself a splendid holiday this season (for whatever you celebrate if you celebrate at all),Randi Matthews