What is next step for my back issue?

Patient: I have suffered from SEVERE back pain for 5 years now. It has finally reached the point where I have landed in the ER twice because of how bad it got. I only recently started seeing a doctor about it because i also suffer from diverticulitis and was going through hospital visits and also surgery for it this past August…needless to say, with how severe the intestinal issue got, my back pain was put on hold. Now that I’m recovering nicely from surgery, I’ve begun to focus on my back. The first step my doctor took was putting me on a nine day cycle of Prednisone10mg (4 first two days, 3 next two, 2 the next two, and 1 the last three days). He said is was to help him diagnose whats going on and help with the pain. I was just curious as to what that medicine could have been doing to help him diagnose me because all it did was make me take on weight and did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING for pain. I see him again in a week and I’m nervous. I don’t have insurance, so I cant afford to continue self pay and getting prescribed these things that i feel aren’t doing anything or helping. Do you happen to know what his next move will be when i go in and update him on how everything went with the Pednisone10mg? As i said, with no insurance, i sadly need to find the most economical way to get fixed. It doesn’t help my back either that i do over-night stock for Home Depot. So, again, what is the next step my doctor will be taking and do you think he is making the right choices so far? Thank you.