October 19, 2018

What is the Age of pregnancy

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Patient: Pregnancy related issue.The last date of pregnancy was 26 December 2014. A bleeding was seen on 28th of January. Only on one single day. That too of little quantity compared to the regular bleeding pattern.Further from thereon till date no bleeding is reported.Today it is confirmed as pregnancy. I just want to know the age of pregnancy. Whethwer it is only 8 weeks or 12 weeks. We want to use M T Pill.Kindly guide us.

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Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.Though the last period was in december, but bleeding noticed in January corresponding to the expected next cycle period, though lasting for a day, we can most likely consider january 28th as the last menstrual cycle date or LMP. By taking January’s LMP into account, the gestational age of the fetus corresponds to be 9 weeks and 2 days, however, this is not the most accurate way of calculating gestational age when taking an MT pill. It is recommended that you consult a gynecologist personally and get an ultrasound to first confirm an intrauterine pregnancy, rule out any ectopic pregnancy and confirm the gestational age by measuring the sac and CRL.Only after a scan you can opt for a medical termination. The doctor may also ask for a beta hCG blood test to confirm the dates. Remember, termination of pregnancy should always be done after an ultrasound and only under doctor’s guidance as it can lead to life threatening complications if done without medical supervision.Hope this helped.Regards

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