What is the appropriate treatment for a clenbuterol (asthma medication)

Patient: Doctor,What is the appropriate treatment for a clenbuterol (asthma medication) overdose?

Doctor: Hi.Thanks for your query.Read and understood that you want to know the appropriate treatment for Clenbuterol overdos e.I would like to know a few details:Why was the medicine used for?How much is the overdose used?What are the symptoms?The treatment depends upon the symptoms, whether related to muscles or heart or any others.please give the details.

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Patient: It was used for weight loss and the dosage was minor .35 mcg. The symptoms are high heart rate (80) and pulse (96) from monitoring on my machine at home.

Doctor: Thanks for your feedback.
Noted your usage.
Heart rate is pulse rate.
It is 80 to 96.
If there are no other symptoms, stop Clenbuterol altogether as you are having side effects.
If there are more symptoms. please consult your Doctor for proper clinical evaluation and you have to give him the history of Clenbuterol.