What is the best to do if my breech is

Patient: What is the best to do if my breech is up side down (Head Up) and I am in the 38 week, when I was in the 36 week it was in the correct potion (Head Down).Thanks for the best answer

Doctor: Hi,Thanks for the query.I understand your concern.The management of breech presentation depends on factors li ke whether this is your first pregnancy, if not mode of delivery in previous pregnancy, weight of the baby, amount of liquor, presence of medical complications etc.Usually in case of first pregnancy with breech presentation, previous history of cesarean section, big baby, less liquor etc, cesarean section is preferred.In case of previous breech with vaginal delivery, multigravida, small size baby with adequate liquor etc, vaginal delivery can be tried.But usually the mode of delivery can be planned correctly at the time of onset of labor only.Take care.