What is the best treatment for burning sensation, itchiness?

Patient: What is the best treatment for burning sensation, itchiness, dryness of vagina. Im 44 years old. My monthly period now is irregular since June 2014. I experienced vaginiitis year 2000. Not sexually active from 2002 until now 2015

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.Apart from vaginitis, we may have to rule out urinary tract infection which could be th e cause for your symptoms. Drink plenty of water, have a bland diet, cranberry supplements daily and avoiding alcohol and smoking will help you. Also use of estrogen creams vaginally prevent dryness, check with your doctor if you have no contraindication for the same.Use feminine wash with lactobacilli in it, which reduce all the symptoms and restore vaginal pH and also provide a soothing effect. In case symptoms do not settle down, a course of antibiotics or steroids may be needed.Hope this helped.Regards