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What is the cause of Pain in the Palms?

Dear Ask The Doctor:
Hey everyone. My name is Dylan and I am about to be 20 years old. When I turned 18 years old, I was working out and getting stronger. However, one day, I started to have sharp pain in the palm of my right hand. I could no longer do push ups, or bench any weights. I could not keep my hand wrapped at all because it just sent pain to my hand. After awhile, I got this pain now a little bit in my left hand. I wanted to start working out again, however, I am afraid this will stop me and I have been reading things and I am afraid I could have permanent damage. I cannot find any true answer on to why. Any suggestions?


There are many structures that are present in your palm that can cause you pain. Injury to the bones, muscles, tendons, nerves and fascia all lead to pain in the palm. Taking into consideration that you used to do push-ups and lift bench weights, I would think of in the lines of carpal tunnel syndrome and tendinitis. The treatment for any pain in the palm is rest, over the counter painkillers/NSAIDS, ice packs and compression bandage. If these measures do not resolve your pain then I would suggest on seeing an orthopedic surgeon to further investigate the problem. In most of the cases x-ray of the joint may not provide much useful information and MRI may be needed.

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