What is the prognosis of a fusion of L4.L5.

Patient: After having two laminectomy of l4,l5 .I am having another hernia at the same level. The neuro surgeon suggested for a fusion now. I am 65 years old and heatlhy.I experience pain in right buttock thigh and calf.Sitting is the most painful position. The chiro is telling me I have piriformis syndrome and trying with deep massage to resolve it. Not much result yet . The fusion is scary to me . What is the prognosis ? The two neuro surgeons said 5 month to one year of recovery. What is the chance to regain all my mobility and activities.Should i wait until I am not functioning to go for the surgery? Pleas help me . I don’t know what to do and I am tired to be in pain all the time. I had the first laminectomie 6 months ago.

Symptoms: Lower back pain radiating to right thigh,calf.difficulty to sit, riding in a car , walking long distance .

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query to ATD for an opinion regarding your concerns here,The typical lower back pain radiatin g to right thigh with difficulty in sitting and walking for long distances does indicate a spinal nerve compression at the level of L4-L5 lumbar vertebrae either following a disc prolapse or a wedging of vertebrae. If after having under gone two laminectomy procedures earlier and last being 6 months ago, the symptoms have not relieved then it is likely that the disc prolapse has occurred again due to para-spinal ligamental laxity. The best mode of treatment for the same would definitely be fusion of both L4-L5 vertebra with a metallic plate which shall ensure that the inter-vertebral space is maintained and compression of spinal nerve is abated. The procedure has a good success rate and with followed up physiotherapy sessions, patients have been completely treated of their symptoms in next 4-6 months.Considering that you ave no other co-morbidities for your age, it is the option for your back pain. I hope i have answered your query in detail,Wishing you good health,Regards