What is this bleeding that isn’t my period?

Patient: I have been getting small amounts of bleeding between my legs recently, but i don’t think it’s my period.Firstly, i am 18 and have never had my period, but the reason i am so unsure and hesitant to think the bleeding is my period is because i have a condition when there are small cysts covering my ovaries, and therefore preventing my period (so it’s sorta impossible for me to have a period).Second, the flow is definitely not heavy, or even noticeable. I first thought it was darker coloured discharge and only discovered it was blood when i wore white underwear. It’s seriously only a tiny bit, but it’s enough to mark my underwear. When i saw it, i started wearing liners and pads to see what would happen and if a heavier flow came, but it still only came out a tiny bit, so little that i could even call it spotting. And it’s not even all the time, only maybe once or twice when i happen to go to the toilet and check, out of about ~6 toilet trips.Third, the blood comes out on the upper front part of the pad. i KNOW period blood comes out of the vaginal hole (the middle one) but the blood marks the pads at about the urethra or clitoris. When i saw it mark the pad there, i immediately thought it was blood from my clitoris or urethra, so i searched some things related. I found that some people who have had some bleeding through their clitoris was due to rubbing it too hard from masturbation. However, they have also said that it hurts. I feel no pain at all, not even a change in my body, I feel exactly the same as i did before the bleeding started.Since the blood seemed to come from somewhere around the clitoris, i looked and check to see it there were any rashes or any wounds that would cause the bleeding, but there is nothing. Sometimes when i wipe the small amount of blood directly from the clitoris area, i notice that it seems slightly think and slimy, similar to natural vaginal lubricant when aroused.[One of my theories is that it is my period, but because my vaginal lips are pressed together most of the time, the blood gathers and pools out through the opening of my vaginal lips near my clitoris. Is that even possible though??]

Symptoms: Symptoms: Very little amount of bleeding/spotting from clitoris, urethra or vaginal hole?