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What is this on my finger

Patient: What is this on my finger



Symptoms: Fever sore throat



What is this on my finger-1

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query to ATD for an opinion,This is likely to be a dermatitis singular nodule which is mos t likely allergic or due to contact dermatitis. This is a small papule, non painful, non inflamed and often non itchy. These are self limiting usually. Another differential could be an insect bite with a reactionary bleb formation and will require anti histaminic orally and a Soframycin cream application locally.It should ideally subside in next 48 hrs, else you may show it to a dermatologist.Regards

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Patient: It’s on ever finger in the same spot, not itchy but hurts to touch

Doctor: If its painful then its a folliculitis and still antiseptic application would be helpful in this regard thrice a day ( soframycin). As i could see it to be on one finger only at present, but if its over all fingers at the same spot then you need a dermatological consultation for in that case it depicts a dermatitis lesion.


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