What kind of STD is this I have?

Patient: I had unprotected sex when I was drunk by this girl I was dating for a few weeks. 2 weeks ago we had sex a few times that night and then the next day she up and left. 2 almost 3 weeks later, my penis becomes, sore, swollen, itching like crazy and tonight I noticed a couple little white bumps and some what looks like dandruff. There is no drainage and there is no funky smell. just a lot of itching, swelling around the penis head.Sorry for the pics, I can’t even get hard anymore due to whatever this is. it is also causing me to stay soft.

Symptoms: Itching, swelling, sore to touch

What kind of STD is this I ...-1 What kind of STD is this I ...-1 What kind of STD is this I ...-1

Doctor: The swelling and itch may be caused by allergy or infection or both.A fungal infection like Jock itch is likely. Unpr otected sex puts you at risk of STIs so getting tested is recommended for you, as far as the itchy genitals and possibility of STIs are concerned. please visit a doctor for further help.