What mental disorder do I have

Patient: Very fearDear Ask The Doctor:What I have From I was child I very fear when I go out side the house or get far from house alone fear from people not social I don’t feel safety only with my mother and brother I don’t trust people I was sadness depression I don’t trust myself I don’t have friends addicted masturbation don’t love meeting special with strangers I was secluded my thoughts my self don’t know the outside world anything my father was strong and hits us and fear us from people I was fear god infected me because my sins this continue to me in primary medium high school university in the last year in the university the depression increase then I married I have doubt in my wife and get gob far from my family and my brother have schizophrenia and I don’t comfortable to the people in the work don’t trust them I then get very depression and very insomnia and Concerning and no sleep for about 6 month and by gradation I have this symptoms 1- changeing in my personality2- changeing in my feeling memory concentration perception3- I feel I can’t take out what spins in my self4- talks with words don’t feel it5- I feel my mental is empty I don’t have idea6- I feel my mental and thinking decease7-i can’t merger by my feeling with idea raised8-i don’t feel by reality as in dream and don’t feel by myself9- I don’t feel by atmosphere example street atmosphere school atmosphere10-no meaning no taste no target to live11- cannot keep up with people in their words and don’t feel it and don’t now what they mean 12- I avoid interview people special colleagues and speaking to them13- I cannot understand accident happen to me and arrange it ideas with my self13- I cannot bearing work special tall work that want concentration14_ I have been not affected by what happened around me joyful thing or bad thing15 – I suffer from decrease activity fat laziness and tried fast16-i don’t feeling by my son and wife no emotions17- I don’t feel good by people around me16-i as body with out spirit16-i feel content of my thinking shortage17- i don’t think only in my selfI use this medicineZelax 2 month no interestFevarin 2 months become fare worse become no consternation no reality no No thinkingRespidal 2 ml 2 month no interest tyired when the doctor want increase the dose ,5 ml become very tried and fraidAblify 10 ml 5 days I feel very tyried can’t move no consternation no thinkingCibralix 2 months no interestSolian 200ml 2 month no interest

Doctor: HelloThanks for using “Ask The Doctor” for posting your query.The symptoms you have mentioned are very common amo ng people with psychosis. At the same time, there is a possibility of co-morbid depression as well along with the symptoms of psychosis. Most of the medicines you are on are anti-psychotics and you are not on any anti-depressants. So the addition of an anti-depressant like fluoxetine or escitalopram can be helpful in this regards. Further as the existing antipsychotics are not helping you, then you probably have a treatment resistant psychosis and hence you will require the use of clozapine which is very useful for treatment resistant psychosis.Do meet your doctor and discuss these options.Hope this helps,Wish you a good health