What Red Cell Distribution Width low

Patient: I have had blood work done at the same facility since 2012. The following are the results of theRed Cell Distribution Width. My doctor only states “everything is within normal limits” however the results state it is low consistently. I am curious what would cause a low reading here, and why my doctor would always say things are normal?Feb 05, 2015 13.5 % 14.9-18.7 LNov 12, 2014 13.3 % 14.9-18.7 LFeb 06, 2013 14.9 % 14.9-18.7Feb 05, 2013 15.4 % 14.9-18.7Nov 21, 2012 13.9 % 14.9-18.7 LNov 21, 2012 2.9 g/dL 3.4-5.0 LAug 19, 2012 13.6 % 14.9-18.7 LJun 17, 2012 14.1 % 14.9-18.7 L

Symptoms: Regular CBC done prior to hysterectomy in Dec., Feb CBC done for minor surgery on a vaginal tear that did not hold from DeC. Surgery.

Doctor: Hello,Thank you for your query at AskTheDoctor.comI understand your concern.However, I want to reassure you that your hemoglobin values are fine and there is nothing to worry about. It has consistently been in the range of 13-14, and that is normal.The limits are fixed according to statistical studies and minor variations like yours can be neglected.As long as your hemoglobin is over 13, there is absolutely nothing to worry. In a country like India, for that matter, most women have a hemoglobin of around 10, and they do not show any symptoms.So please do not worry.Keep monitoring your values yearly once.Hope this was helpful,Regards.