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What should I do if my hemoglobin is 127 mg/dL?

Dear Ask The Doctor:
Is it bad if my anemia is 127


May I ask if this value is the haemoglobin? In females, this value is within normal range; in males, this is considered low. The reason behind this is females lose blood every month during their menstrual period that is why women have a lower normal limit compared to men. Even if the hemoglobin drops to 110 mg/dL, it can still be corrected through diet, by eating more of lean red meats, If the value drops to 80 mg/dLor lower (severe anemia), then blood transfusion may be needed. If your doctor is suggesting blood transfusion, please ask why because in females, this value is considered lower range of normal. I do hope I have answered your question and take care always.

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