What to do next with my semen analysis report?

Patient: Dear Sir, my Seminogram report is volume= 3.00ml, ph=8.0(alkaline),colour= whitish, viscosity=slight, total sperm concentration 3.00millon/ml, Percentage motility 50.00%, grade A=30%, GradeB=20%, GradeC=50%,Pus cells=10-15 /hpfRBC2-3/hpf, epithelial cells= Occasional, normal morphology=80%, abnormal= 20%(head defects=80%,midpiece=10%, Tail defects=10%)My age is 29years. my doctor prescribed me only tab paternia BD for one month.Please clarify my semen report and medicines for improving semen health or should I change my consultant. Thank you in advance.

Symptoms: Semen report

Doctor: We have noted the semen report. It is indicate of severe oligozoospernia. The normal range is anywhere between 50-150 mi llion per ml. Anyway please do get semen check again. Some insist of semen analysis at least 3 times with at least one week of abstinence sexually each time before testing. There are lot other drugs to enhance the sperm count and quality. Also establishing the cause by proper evaluation is also needed.