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Patient: Hi,am 42 years old and trying to get pregnant, I had a miscarriage around October at an early stage,during my scan I was told I had a fabroid,which is outside my uterus,I really want to have a baby,is the fabroid affecting my chances,please help me?. Thank u

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Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.A cervical fibroid which lies outside the uterine cavity will cause problems in concept ion and delivery whereas a fibroid within the uterine cavity can lead to a second trimester miscarriage and not allow the growth of the baby. It depends on the exact location and the size of the fibroid, only then the treating doctor can decide whether a surgical removal of the fibroid has to be done by myomectomy or not to help you conceive. An ultrasound would be needed for the right prediction on these lines.Hope this helped.Regards