What to do when someone faces severe depression

Patient: My father recently have been going through a depression. So he has almost stopped taking any meals ,he abuses my mother and me constantly.Neither of us know the reason for his actions.He never reveals any secret to us and if we ask he always blames us for being the cause of his problem .Both my mother and i are perplexed we dont know what to do . Can you suggest what should be done ?? Kindly reply at your earliest.

Doctor: If he is indeed going through depression he needs to seek medical help immediately. There is medication that needs to be started along with pyshcotherapy and other techniques which will help in treating his depression. In case he has suicide or homicidal thoughts he could be dangerous to himself and others and thus may need to hospitalised for a while.Also abusing other individuals is considered illegal and wrong and thus you and your mother either need to report the same or take precautions and have an exit strategy and plan in case some violence or life threatning situation arises. I urge you to consider the same. Please talk to his family physician ASAP. I hope things get better.