What would be considered a significant increase in monocytes?

Patient: I recently went to my Dr with a virus I’ve had off and on since January that felt like the flu with a very mild fever of 99 to 100. Dr did a CBC with diff and the only counts out of range were the monocytes at 24 and absolute monocytes at 1.4. She wasn’t concerned about these given that all other counts fell within the normal range and of course I did have a virus. How high are these counts in the scheme of things and are they perfectly normal for a mild virus? What I’ve read online leads me to believe that monocytes are typically only slightly elevated with mild infection and 24 seems more than slight. Also, is an increase in monocytes with a normal WBC count more concerning or is it less concerning? An additional test for mono was negative, and tests for thyroid disorders and an ANA were normal.